support douglas fir mushing
Below is an option to donate an amount of your choosing.  Any amount is greatly appreciated.  This is an incredibly expensive endeavor when taking into account the cost to feed and maintain a small kennel.  Food alone costs us 5,000 dollars per year not to mention the expense of Straw, dog booties, and other necessary gear.  Our dream of owning and operating a small race/expedition kennel is helped along by your contributions.  This link is run through PayPal so it is safe and secure, you can use any major credit cards, and you can do so without becoming a member of PayPal.  If you are interested in contributing through mail you can make checks payable to Mandy Nauman Austin and mail them to the address listed on the bottom of the webpage.  Thank you for taking the time to check out the website and your continuing support.  Without you this would not be possible.  Mush on!
Douglas Fir Mushing Sponsors for the 2018/2019 Season