the dogs of douglas fir mushing
This is not a hobby.  It is late nights and early mornings.  It is struggle. It is trimph.  It pushes your boundaries and tests your abilities daily.  One moment it exposes your weaknesses only to let you shine your brightest in the next.  It is not for everyone. Heck, it's hardly for anyone.  But in that moment when all comes together.  When man and beast are one.  That moment is worth all the hard work and sacrifice.  It is necessary as breath, as the blood in your veins.
No, this is not a hobby.  It is a way of life.

They Want To Run. They Need To Run. They Love To Run.

Bloodlines- Sass/Mackey- Age 5 years old

Vinny was part of my race team in 2014 and as a puppy he showed amazing potential despite his goofy demeanor.  This was especially the case at the wheel position, picking up great experience and knowledge running with Thunder.  Vinny got dropped in the Copper Basin 300 and never got the miles back on him for the Quest. It was a tough descion to leave him behind, but in the long run it was for the best. He is back and better than ever.. I'm super excited to see what Vinny can do this season.  He is the hardest working dog I have.

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Bloodlines- Seibold- Age 11 years old

Thunder might be one of the best wheel dogs around.  Some people consider wheel dogs to be big males that do most of the hard work but with very little thinking.  Although he works extremely hard, Thunder is not just a dense work horse.  He is very good at what he does and makes smart, split second decisions in steering the sled around obstacles.  Thunder was a major contributor in many of Brent Sass' early Yukon Quest teams.  As of last year, Thunder is now retired. He has found his dog blanket next to the wood stove in the cabin. This dog has earned a warm and relaxing retirement.....although, he might find himself doing a few tours this winter.

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Bloodlines- Mackey- Age 9 years old

Willy is the most enthusiastic dog that I know. He is a cheerleader, always banging in the harness and ready to go no matter what.  He is one of Lance Mackey's Super Dogs from Mushing magazine and has been a big part of both Lance's and Brent Sass' Iditarod and Yukon Quest teams.  Willy made it 300 miles into my 2014 Quest but had to be dropped from the team because of a foot injury.  Willy has drive like no other dog, but age has finllay caught up to him and is no longer running with the race team.  He will be my main lead dog for tours this winter.

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pauly ​
bloodlines-sass/mackey-age 5 years old

Pauly shows little emotion but is an extremely hard worker and an easy dog to run anywhere in the team.  Pauly and his litter mates trained with me in 2013 as yearlings and showed a ton of promise at a young age.  He finshed the Copper Basin 300 with me and made it 800 miles into the Yukon Quest before getting dropped with a foot injury.  He has learned a ton from Jerry and Willy and is now one of my main leaders.

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Bloodlines- Butcher/Wold- Age 9 years old

Jerry is one of my tried and true leaders and the queen of the dogyard.  She has proven herself throughout the years on Brent's early Quest teams and throughout my 2014 race season.  She has tons of energy and is extremely strong willed and was the one leader that I trusted to get me out of Checkpoints in both the Copper Basin 300 and the Yukon Quest.  She got stronger the further we went down the trail!.  My bond with this dog grows stronger and stronger every day.
With only a few more good years of racing in her, I'm hoping to get out on that race trail and let Jerry do what she does best!

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Bloodlines- Sass/Mackey- Age 5 years old

Snooki finished the Yukon Quest with me in 2014 despite being dropped at the first checkpoint in the Copper Basin 300 earlier that season for a shoulder injury.  I never had a doubt that she would finish with me and she was one of my strongest dogs during the quest.  She is extremely light on her feet and an excellent leader.  Snooki is a joy to watch run, truly a beautiful sight and has become my main leader. 

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bloodlines-sass/mackey-age​ 5 years old

Sammi is another steady and hard working dog that will run anywhere in the team.  I have been running her and her siblings for 3 years now and have really gotten to know them well.  At first Sammi was unfocused but as she matured she proved to be a great sled dog.  She just missed the cut on Brent Sass' Yukon Quest Team in 2014 and finished strong with me in the Copper Basin 300 earlier that season.  She has become a good leader and makes a good pair with her sister Snooki..  I hope Sammi continues to progress as a leader this season and look forward to running her up front in some races.

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bloodlines-Seavey-age 5 years old

Gwich'in came to Douglas Fir Mushing last spring. She was raised at Squid Acres Kennel. Her and her siblings were born in the Athabaskan village of Old Crow in Yukon, Canada. Gwich'ins name comes for the Gwich'in people of Old Crow.  She is a fantastic leader and a true athlete, that has seen a lot of race trail.  I love everything about this dog and can't wait to race with her.

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Old crow
bloodlines-seavey-age 5 years old

Old Crow and his two sisters were born in the Athabaskan village of Old Crown in Yukon, Canada. With only 3 males in my race team this year I need Old Crow for a lot of reasons. I need his power and leadership on the trail and just like his sisters, he has also seen a lot of race trail and that will come in huge this season!

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bloodlines-seavey-age 5 years old

Gwiinzii in Athabaskan means Good. She is just like her sister Gwich'in. She's a great little leader with a lot of race experience.  Gwiinzii came to Douglas Fir this fall and we have really enjoyed running her so far.  She is fitting in great and will be a great addition this winter.

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bloodlines-sass/mackey-age 2 years old


Derby is part of the Triple Crown litter which is the first breeding done by Douglas Fir Mushing.  Her and her siblings are out of Snooki and were born in November of 2014.  Don't tell the other dogs but Derby has been my favorite from day one.  She is an extremely hard worker, smart and focused beyond her years. I am excited to start putting some serious miles on her and getting her some time running in lead with the older dogs and her mom.  

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sass/mackey-age 2 years old​

Preakness is also part of the Triple Crown litter and is just like her mom Snooki.   She is small, fast, smart and light on her feet.  All of this combined with a great appetite and endless energy will make her an excellent sled dog. 

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sass/mackey-age 2 years old

 Belmont is the second tallest dog in our dogyard.  She is also part of the Triple Crown litter and is a complete workhorse.  She is powerful and smooth for a big dog.  There is great potential for her in both the wheel and lead positions because of her strength and intelligence.  ​

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Bloodlines-T Rose-Age 6 years old

Brie is spending the winter with us. She comes from our friend and vet Tamara Rose.  She is the happiest dog around, with a really good heart. She's a great little leader and will be helping a lot with tours and races this winter.

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bloodlines-unknown-age 12 years old

Swede was my first sled dog.  I got her when she was four months old and still remember that day like it was yesterday.  She is a great little leader and has not only trained many of my other dogs to pull and lead, but she is also the mother of four of my other dogs.  She has gotten a bit older and has a bad shoulder so she doesn't enjoy working as much anymore but she will still run loose with the team as a cheerleader and follow us down the trail.  She has done this through most of my training over the last three years and has been a great motivator.  She is and has been enjoying a very spoiled and relaxed retirement.

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bloodlines-swede/chester-age 9 years old

Sweet Amazon.  She is the daughter of Swede and a great dog.  Amazon has had a bad shoulder which has prevented her from doing any major miles with me in training but she did run 120 miles in the White Mountains in our April 2015 trip.  She is a very patient teacher and works well with our puppies.  Amazon's hugs will make any bad day a better one.

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bloodlines-swede/chester-age 9 years old

Wabasha holds a very special place in my heart.   He is also out of Swede and I have been with him since the day he was born.  He is a sweet and smart dog.  a bit timid at first, but once he warms up he is a lover.  He is always happy to go for a run either in harness or just loose on the trails.  He will be a busy boy this winter, he'll be part of the team of dogs that will be doing tours with me.

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bloodlines-swede/chester-age 9 years old

Congo is a goofy dog and also the product of Swede.  At first glance it seems like he does not have much going on in the brains department but as it turns out he is an extremely intelligent dog.  He just enjoys doing his own thing and being out in front of the pack.  He is a very independent dog with some amazing strength and is an absolute lover.  He has also turned into a pretty solid leader and a great puppy trainer.  He now enjoys sleeping on the couch and cuddling more than anything.

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bloodlines-swede/unknown-age 8 years old​

Solo had great potential as a sled dog until she was caught in a fox trap 6 years ago.  Just days before her run in with the trap we were running her in lead.  at just over a year old she was not only leading but breaking trail through one foot of new snow.  Days later she was forever sidelined as a sled dog.  She is now missing a front paw but still runs loose with the teams in early season training and is always there for added enthusiasm.  Solo is an amazing example of the incredible adaptability and resilience of dogs and about the happiest and most laid back dogs you will ever meet.  We should all live life like Solo!

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in loving memory


We lost a very dear member of our team in the summer of 2013.  Reese was my main leader all of the 2012/2013 season and ran in lead the entire way for me in both my 100 mile race and 200 mile race.  He was missed on the Quest trail in 2014, but I know he was there in spirit.  He was not only a great sled dog but an amazing friend and a member of our family.  Forever Wild and Free, Run in Peace Reese Man, you will be missed.